Sales is backbone of any organisation, when it works well all works. Many company get shut because their sales didn't do well. Managing producing accounts by team members and those important accounts who are required to serve corporate gain contracts, business agreements or resolve differences with either external or internal parties, especially where there is a need to maintain a long-term working relationship. Strategic sales workshop is invaluable for sales people who regularly present to customers, industry groups, stakeholders or owners. It is also an ideal foundation for sales people or senior team members who want to improve their ability to provide support coordinate. In particular this workshop is also useful for those who regularly make one to one or small group presentations & attached to sales.

To most businesses, the human capital is still the most valuable asset and the key to achieving the projected business goals. The learner is also moving towards a highly competitive arena where training is becoming survival tool in the business jungle. So, what’s the plan for people? How can one better prepare the teams to outstandingly perform in a highly competitive environment. Training has always been the answer. Moreover, better training is by far the better answer. For decades, learning and technology have walked hand-in-hand. Learning is never ending, one can learn forever. Learning & development is key to success for any organisation. A good employee training program is not just about implementing the right policies or hiring the right people; it also often involves how well they are updated, engaged and top of KRA’s. Post training feedback also can help to expose various experts in the field, and look at different perspectives and opinions with regards to employee engagement, such exposure will help better understand of the company’s needs.

Jugal Ray Training & Consultant is led by Jugal Ray. After 15 years in the hotel industry, Jugal realised there was a clear gap in the market for bespoke training that delivered results.Having built business acumen through working for global brands like InterContinental, Jugal has the skills and knowledge that could rival an entire sales and marketing department. Seeing the problems in a hotel is easy, but finding the right way to deliver training and skills to staff in bespoke, luxury hotels was where Jugal and his training programmes have found their niche. People are the cornerstone of the hotel industry. The aims are clear and simple: know your customer, extend your reach but never compromise on quality. “You are selling a lifestyle, a luxurious escape and you have to remember your clientele.

We have helped hotels sales team turn their skills around through professional training. Sometimes all you need is an industry expert looking in to help turn your company from good, to thriving. We have a hands on approach and take the time to work with you and your team. We don’t bore people through one-size-fits all PowerPoint presentations. This is different; We will work with you to develop your strategy, and find solutions to maximize performance in both leadership and sales.We will coach team members and increase their skill levels to give them maximum confidence, and importantly, to learn how to communicate in the right way.

Our relationship with clients is integral. We see your business as our business, your goals as our own. We will be direct and honest in our problem-solving solutions, but this is how you improve your business plan. Even if what we say is hard to hear, we promise, our action plan for you will work.

Jugal Ray conducts workshop on Strategic Selling Module , a proven method for improving the selling skills of a sales team to maximise the performance. Trainings can change certain behaviours & train well on Strategic Sales Process that, if consistently applied, will lead to increase sales performance. Sales professionals need time to learn and apply new knowledge and skills, which later need to be reinforced and coached for sustainability. Based on my decade of experience & research, I found that a common challenge with many sales training initiatives is that they are event based, where participants typically forget much of what they have learned shortly after the training event. Research has consistently demonstrated that unless training is followed by post-training reinforcement this produces limited results. That’s because successfully changing specific behaviours requires a process, not a one-time event. Therefore the benefits of using a systematic approach to sales training that transforms it from a one-time event into an ongoing process that produces a more sustainable adoption of new sales skills & results.