Sales Workshop

Sales Process becomes a road map for the sales person, for those interactions, to guide them through identification of customer needs, selecting the best offering for those customers, articulating and proving the value that the customer will get from those offerings, and then reinforcing that value to the customer. As per a case study, knowing sales process is essential for sales managers / sales executives. Companies have chosen to train the sales force through Sales process in SMART ways for clear understanding of FAB & SPANCO in order to have a formal, well communicated, and broadly adopted sales process.And more than half of them had specific activities, steps, and tools to help reinforce the value as part of that sales process. Best-in-class companies have understood the importance of sales training for the front line sales managers to improve and drive adoption of value-based selling activities.The key to getting adoption and success in the sales process is to make sure it’s aligned with customers’ buying processes, it makes sure that top sales people are engaged in the process of developing that sales process, make sure that tools are in place to enable the sales force to execute against the steps and activities of that process, and then have it reinforced through ongoing coaching from first-line sales managers.