Account Management

Key accounts are not only company’s most valued clientele, but are also the accounts likely to targeted by competition. Therefore, it is of significant importance to            continuously advance one’s skills in developing and managing key accounts, to ensure Sales Managers can retain most important clients 
and simultaneously maintain organisation’s long term viability. This programme will give these account managers the opportunity to practice, refine and build their skills and learn to effectively implement KAM principles in target  accounts. 

In order to excel in technical account management, the account manager will need to develop certain skills. There are five that are considered to be the to pones needed to be successful. This will include written, listening and speaking skills. 

We organize account management training workshop for Hotel/Corporate to enhance KAM skills, through case study and role plays for account managers by best of Indian and overseas Sales Trainers.

In this competitive scenario winning,managing, and expanding major accounts are critical to significant sales growth for many companies. But navigating the landscape of the company, finding and coordinating key buying influencers, and keeping the competition at bay are constant challenges. 

With JASSNOW’s strategic account management training, your team will gain critical skills and knowledge needed to help you achieve the greatest possible success in key account management.They’ll learn a proven process for strategic account planning that will allow them to systematically review and grow their accounts.

After completing this Strategic Account Management programme, your team will be able to, build strategies for strategic account planning and management, including how to penetrate, expand, and protect strategic accounts, Identify needs from the customer perspective, strengthening and deepening your ability to create value for your accounts, set the agenda and get project to the top of the customer’s priority list, get the best results possible from selling efforts,manage and expand key accounts.