Negotiation is our single focus, and always has been. But we don't just know negotiating, we know how to train you to be a better negotiator in away that is experiential and entertaining and energetic. With JASSNOW you learn by doing and asking and interacting and negotiating with a killed facilitator and a group of people just like you.

Our workshops are designed to take on a journey during which one can discover strengths by gaining skill and confidence. With strategies and tactics learned and used and understood over the course of a fast-paced two days, one will leave for very next negotiation. Regardless of their current skill, experience or job title, they will learn strategies and tactics that will show immediate results. Don't wait until the next big negotiation; Let your executives, managers, leaders participate in JASSNOW negotiation training program. This small investment will help them to prevent what could be a very costly mistake in the future. The bottom line is this,that it's all about bottom line.

Trainers partnered with JASSNOW has trained many people, including salespeople, buyers, corporate leaders, managers,engineers,financial officers, and CEO's have attended effective negotiation training.

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