Essential Selling Skills

There are dozens of selling skills that salespeople should know. 
Step by step sales process using various sales module, this includes role plays, questioning techniques and learning to close the deal. As selling has evolved, successful sales people have upgraded their skills and abilities to become more consultative and value-oriented. 

The Essential Selling Skills workshop focuses on the skills needed to sell effectively in today‚Äôs business environment, such as varying your selling style for different customers and highlighting value rather than price. Participants will learn how to sell more effectively to current customers and win new business at prospective accounts. 

The Essential Selling Skills workshop content duration, this can be customized for your company and primary audience.JASSNOW provides and organises a full line of customized sales and sales management work shops through Best Indian and overseas trainers. And post training we also work with executive/managers to track action plan. As a result, the executive/managers hit the field for self and company growth.

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